Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need Wi-Fi?
  2. How difficult is Smart 360™ POS to install?
  3. Can I use demo version for Smart 360™ POS?
  4. How do I set up tax rates?
  5. Some of my inventory items are sales tax exempt or provincial tax exempt. How do I set up these items?
  6. How do I input departments and inventory?
  7. How difficult is it to learn the Point of Sale System?
  8. Can I use a different tablet with Smart 360 POS™?
  9. Are there software updates?
  10. Can I add other POS terminals to my unit?
  11. Can I use my current credit card /debit card service provider?
  12. I already have a cash drawer. Can I use my current unit or do I need to buy the All-in-One system?
  13. Can I access Smart 360 from a remote site computer?
  14. Why I am not able to finish my sale?
  15. How can I resolve network connectivity issues?
  16. I am having problems when registering my device. What should I do?
  17. How do I alter receipts?
  18. How do Delete Recent Import?
  19. How do I add Employees?
  20. How do I delete Employees?
  21. How do I modify departments?
  22. How can I see reports?
  23. How can I get BackOffice Credentials? or What if I forget BackOffice credentials?
  24. How do I do factory restore?
  25. How can I update / upgarde Smart360POS?

For further queries and any assistance you may email us at or call us at 1-866-961-6673.