What's New?

Version 1.334 (06/20/2016) (Last Update for Smart 360 POS)

  • A new setting introduced in application setup which allows to suppress extra signature copy of receipt.
  • Now invoices from anytime can be voided directly from POS. It is up to the payment processors or the external terminals to decide if the invoice can be voided or not.
  • Bugs for Z-out report, X-out report and reorder level is fixed now.
  • Status code for voided transactions updates immediately.
  • Smart360POS now prints two receipts (merchant copy with signature panel and customer copy) for credit card transactions.

Version 1.333 (Release Date : 04/05/2016)

  • A new setting provided for selecting the POS ring up sound level.
  • Receipts would only show the taxes that are configured more than zero.
  • Support provided for All-In-One POS unit.
  • Now Star Micronics printer only works with BemaTech cash drawer.
  • Revision for french translations.
  • Few bugs fixed for print receipt.

Version 1.330 (Release Date : 03/08/2016)

  • Scrolling issue fixed for modifier item and choice item popup windows.
  • Smart360POS now works with all major processors (Click here for processor details.)
  • Now it's possible to view up to 26 characters on department, inventory, modifier and choice item button's description.
  • Few bugs fixed.

Version 1.329 (Release Date : 12/08/2015)

  • Now we have check as a payment type
  • Now U.S EMV (Chip & Pin) option is available through Velocity
  • Customer Facing Display feature added.
  • No Sample Database import for Demo account.
  • Added limitation of 6000 inventory count.
  • Second tablet as Customer Facing display.
  • Easy to register Demo feature.
  • Visual updates.
  • Ticket number for kitchen and customer receipts.
  • Brand New Smart 360 POS icon.
  • Z-Out Report related bugs fixed.
  • All new look and feel for easy and convenient access to software.
  • Added new feature for Modifiers. Now ring up sales quickly with modifiers.
  • Rearrangement of items is possible now.
  • Void same day sales with Recall invoice, along with display and print old invoices.
  • Set permissions for employees.
  • Now Smart 360 POS can integrate with Star printer.
  • New feature for tax exemption included.
  • Now Items can be tax inclusive. Price displayed will have taxes included with them.
  • Other bugs fixed.

Version 1.219 (Release Date : 05/21/2015)

  • Now works with SNBC R180II WiFi kitchen printer, to send kitchen orders directly.
  • Few bugs fixed.

Version 1.215 (Release Date : 05/11/2015)

  • Fixed z-out report bug.
  • Added recall invoices, so you can display and print old invoices.
  • Can fulfill transactions using customer accounts.
  • Can add images to departments and view on the main screen.
  • Added x-out report.

Version 1.114 (Release Date : 03/26/2015)

  • Can add images to choice items and view on the main screen.
  • Added back up service for more reliable and continuous use.

Version 1.113 (Release Date : 03/17/2015)

  • Can add images to products and view on the main screen.
  • Can add store image to appear on the POS screen after login.
  • Image download dynamically. Moreover, ability to turn off image downloads
  • Facility to import sample database.
  • Now it's possible to round total to Nearest Nickel.
  • Updated Payment Processing
  • Now receipt allows to print in French.
  • Quick inventory add from the Main Invoice screen (in case if employee does not have a permission for the backoffice he/she can add items here).
  • Clear invoices, products and departments.

Version 1.112 (Release Date : 02/19/2015)

  • Accepts french characters now.
  • New Contact Us suggestion page to get suggestions from customers, how they would like to see our software in future versions.
  • Zout report now includes times of shifts.
  • Fixed Print Bug.
  • Fixed many bugs in app.

Version 1.017 (Release Date : 10/14/2014)

  • Addd new feature for customers trying out demo version.

Version 1.013 (Release Date : 10/06/2014)

New revised version of Smart360POS is available for FREE for limited time. This version includes all new features such as:

  • Ability to send the receipt as an email. If send receipt is on, you will receive a prompt for the customers email address after a sale is completed.
  • Added camera scanner, if turned on, you can use camera as a barcode scanner.
  • Added new ways to add items to inventory; add items by scanning items barcode, inputting item name/price/tax rates, or by simply importing a spreadsheet.
  • Added option to update database.
  • Added reset to factory settings.
  • Now we have synchronize button on main invoice screen, which will allow to synchronize changes with backoffice.
  • Split Canada/US tax rate settings into two pages.
  • Displays item price on Item buttons.
  • Station ID will be shown near the bottom of start page.
  • Prompt if the item stock is lower than reorder level.
  • New “clean” button for item number and item name in search Item dialog box.
  • Cash drawer now opens after a sale, if the payment type contains cash.
  • Payment types containing credit cards now print out a receipt with signature line.
  • Optimized screen space by adding ability to hide keypad.
  • Bluetooth printers (with ESC/POS command) supported.
  • Compatible with Citizen CMP- 30BT/20BT and Star SM-s200 Bluetooth printers.
  • Bug fix and app optimization.

Version 1.002 (Release Date : 8/28/2014)

  • Now CornerStorePOS is also available on Android (*with limited features).